What excites me about this business is the thrill I get from creation... start with something that is so abstract. And with the right crew and producers, it comes to life and emerges into the wonderful medium of television or film. 

It's a ride, I live for it.


Gustavo Arguello is Executive Producer for "The Un-Invited Guests with Bill Devlin"...

He has worked in unscripted television since 2001.

Arguello's career spans a long and interesting arc of reality television programs beginning with the bondagesque dating game show Chains of Love in 2001 to most recently, Dr.Phil. 

Chains of Love hosted a range of love-lorn, real life persona's from modest to just plain wacky. From here he seems to have run the board with other dating shows. Arguello worked as a Segment Producer on Ex-treme Dating before Rendez-View and things became “surreal” with his stint on The Surreal Life. 

All a strong contrast to Paramounts/CBS’s, “The Dr. Phil Show”, the highly rated daytime talk show where guests come to face the wisdom and often brutal honesty of the Texan powerhouse. Arguello worked at Dr Phil for three years, starting in post production and working 

his way up to Viewer Services and ultimately served as an Associate Producer on A Dr. Phil Prime time Special: Behind the Headlines.


Arguello is also a credited actor working in independent films and television commercials. He has studied with Dennis Kelly since 1994. He can be found most weekends hitting the surf in Orange County with his long board or eating a chorizo breakfast burrito at Nick's in Seal Beach. 

The proud Los Angeles native of Nicaraguan/ Italian heritage states, "It's a great time for Latinos-- we have opportunities in this industry that were non-existent as recent as 5 years ago, the future is bright."